Hi, I am Candice.

I grew up in rural Ohio spent some in between years in several cities, and now reside in rural Texas.

Animals, athletics and the arts are my interests. All three have played a large and active roll in my life at some point or another from youth to current day. Life is best when all three are at play.

As a full time creative a few years ago, I needed a different outlet to explore outside of the office. I turned to my camera (once again) and started hanging out with some of the animals around our property. It served as a little way to escape the norms of daily life. My love for the camera grew and I still turn to it regularly for work and play.

The thrill for me comes from fast moving subjects and people on the go. Rural and ranch life are my specialty and passion, but as a guideline not a rule. Really, it's just a matter of hanging out with people and animals and when my gut says to click the shutter I listen.